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Bylaws And Construction Requirements For DHA Karachi

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DHA Karachi 2023

DHA Karachi is a beautifully organized project that has taken an innovative approach to making a resident-friendly town regarding healthcare, education, entertainment, and accessibility. The society is a one-of-a-kind initiative created according to advanced modern infrastructure and development standards. Horticulture has been brilliantly implemented into DHA to make it a vibrant and healthy residency.

DHA sprawls over 20,000 acres of land and is rapidly being developed as Pakistan’s planned, sustainable, sellable, and smart residency. The project provides residents with a contemporary, secure, and comfortable living environment. The society has a global high quality due to exceptional qualities such as fast development with master planning at a global level, offering world-class modern facilities.

This project has undergone spectacular interventions in the last year, giving it a new perspective and added value. Many prominent educational institutions and medical facilities have been granted permission to establish themselves in this healthy city.

However, there if you want to build a home in this wonderfully planned society, there are some regulations you need to be aware of. This blog will take you through DHA construction rules, Bylaws, and requirements. Let’s begin!

DHA Construction Rules for Residential Buildings

The following are some of the most important building codes in DHA:

● Any form of commercial activity is strictly prohibited in a residential area.

According to the construction rules:

● Residential properties cannot be used as religious sites for worship or to organize social or cultural activities.

● Any alterations and modifications to existing residential property structures require the owner to seek specific clearance from the DCK management.

● The DCK authorities prohibit the construction of a ‘Duplex of any design’ on any plot size, according to ordinances.

● On residential properties of 50 square yards or more, an underground gray water tank is required for lawns and plants.

● DCK officials have prohibited all roof construction except for a stairway, overhead water tank, solar panels, or water heaters.

● However, DCK officials may authorize alternative energy solutions if all structural, safety, and environmental requirements are satisfied.

● The kitchen and baths can be built in the basement. However, an appropriate disposal and ventilation system is required.

● DCK management has used diverse architectural styles for different areas to maintain visual continuity. All buildings must be built under the facade policies of their respective sectors.

Residential Building Standards


Plot Area (Sq. yd.) Allowable Covered Area COS   Floor
Front Rear Sides
  Up to 150   90% 4’– 0”   –     B+G+1
  Up to 200   90%   5’-0”       B+G+1
  201 to 400   75%   5’-0”   3’-0” 5’-0” (right only)   B+G+1
  401 to 700   65%   10’-0”   5’-0”   5’-0”   B+G+1
  701 & above     50%     20’-0”     10’-0”     10’-0”     B+G+1
Note: In case of allotment of extra land, resulting in the switch over to the next category, a tolerance of 3% will be given to remain in the original/ mother category.


Residential Buildings Height Standards


Description Maximum Minimum
Level of the main entrance from the ground 2’-6” 1’-0”
Plinth Level 4’-6” 2’-0”
Ground Floor 15’-0” 9’-6”
1st Floor 15’-0” 9’-6”
Main building 32’-0” 22’-0”
Stair Tower/ Water Tank 10’-0” 7’-6”
Stair Tower with elevator shaft and/or with water tank built over it 13’-0”
Overall height of the building, including stair tower with elevator shaft and/or water tank 45’-0” 30’-0”
Parapet Wall for an accessible roof (heights to be taken from finished floor level) 5’-0” 4’-0”
Height of the main building, including the parapet wall from the crown of the road 37’-0” 26’-0”
Boundary wall from the crown of the road (Additional 2’-0” high iron protective barrier permitted)   10’-0”   8’-0”
Basement 8’-0”
Guardroom 10’-0” 8’-0”


Compulsory Open Area

The lowest part of a plot is to be left completely and compulsorily open to the sky under the Regulations, over which no structure or any integral part of the building will be permitted. COS will always be free from any erection or obstruction. Only the following constructions are allowed in the compulsory open area:

  • Pergola for car porch

  • Benches, gazebo or temporary (removable) canopy in the front

  • Spiral stair in the rear

  • Guardroom

  • Underground water and septic tank

  • Cages for birds or other pets in the front or rear. The railings must not be higher than the boundary wall.

  • Electrical switchboard, water pump or motor

  • Fountain, barbecue counter, walkways, and flower beds elevated up to 2 feet. These should be at most half the width of the compulsory open space.

  • Washing or ablution area in the rear or side

  • Swimming pool

Swimming Pool Construction

  • The swimming pool is allowed if your residential plot is 500sq. Yd or above. They can be built in the basements, Ground floor or on first floor.

  • The registered structural engineer certificate confirming the structural design of the pool before construction is a must.

  • A water filtration plant and a holding tank of enough capacity are necessary.

  • The pool should provide adequate privacy.

  • Construction of a swimming pool is prohibited in the compulsory open space.

  • It is mandatory to construct a change/shower room.

  • In case of damage to the neighboring structure, the property owner constructing the swimming pool must bear the expenses.

DHA Construction Rules For Commercial Buildings

● Each commercial unit in DHA Karachi must have a main entrance with an easily accessible stairway and elevator.

● In all cases, the ground level of a commercial building is for commercial use. However, in the case of office/commercial/mixed-use buildings, the use of upper floors may vary.

● A shop on the bottom floor of a commercial/mixed-use building must be at least 200 square feet in size and 12 feet in width.

● According to the most recent DHA requirements, a larger building built on combined commercial plots has to include an underground parking area to accommodate residents’ parking and elevators.

● To maintain the homogeneity of design and look of properties developed, constructing any boundary wall and fence is strictly forbidden in all commercial/mixed-use buildings, regardless of size.

Outside of Boundary Wall Limitations

● Installation of antenna towers for residential buildings is strictly prohibited

● Construction of stairs or steps beyond the boundary wall is not allowed. 

● Ramps not more than 4 feet and steps leading to the gate are allowed.

● For any landscaping outside the boundary wall, one needs to obtain a special permit from the DCK authority

● No tap or water point should be left outside the boundary wall.

Wrap up!

Carefully following these DHA Karachi construction rules is extremely important to prevent legal issues. The strict requirements ensure that the Defense Karachi real estate market, which offers numerous investment opportunities to potential buyers, continues functioning successfully and that the project delivers modern living facilities to its residents. You can contact Unique Home Construction and Management to learn more about building a house in DHA.