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Bylaws For Starting Construction in Bahria Town Karachi?

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Bahria Town Karachi is one of Karachi’s most popular choices for real estate investments, offering various affordable and luxurious housing options in a state-of-the-art gated community. It is a short drive from the toll plaza, providing easy access to the rest of the city. The privately-owned residential society is equipped with modern infrastructure, world-class facilities, and a secure environment providing a high standard of living for its residents.

According to the Bahria Town Karachi map, this ongoing project is spread over 44,000 acres and has been divided into multiple precincts. Available plot sizes include 125 sq yd, 250 sq yd, 500 sq yd, 1000 sq yd, and 2000 sq yd. If you look forward to invest in Bahria Town Karachi or already own a plot and are considering constructing your own house, there are some Bahria Town construction rules you must know. Let’s explore them in detail!

Designing A House in Bahria Town Karachi

To begin the process of constructing a house in Bahria Town, the first step is to have the design approved. The payment for this can be made at either the Boat Basin Branch or Bahria Town Highway Branch of United Bank Limited (UBL). The design fee varies based on the size of the property. This fee must be paid in advance and is valid for one year.

Once you have made the payment, you’ll have to obtain BTK approved elevation from their design wing. After that, you have to engage a geotechnical engineering company registered with the PEC to perform soil tests and prepare.

The Bahria Town Design request form is straightforward and requires basic information such as the owner’s name, contact number, plot number, precinct number, plot size, and any specific requirements.  Once the soil test report is available, one has to engage Architecture Engineer, Structure Engineer, and MEP Engineer to work with you for bringing your conceptual house and transformed it on paper, these firms should have an approved membership acceptable to BTK.

Required Documents for Design Approval

To obtain design approval from the Bahria Town Design Wing, certain documents must be provided along with the structural drawings. These include a copy of the owner’s identity card, the allotment letter, a copy of the possession letter, an NDC (No Dues Certificate), and a payment receipt. Additionally, two sets of soil tests are required.

It is important to note that if the plot owner is not able to personally collect the drawings and inspection cards, an authorization form signed by the allottee must be presented by the person collecting them. Furthermore, regardless of who is collecting the drawings, an affidavit on PKR 100 stamp paper is mandatory. For design approval cases, it is also necessary to provide a structure stability certificate as well as a PEC registration letter for the structural engineer.

Obtaining approval for exterior finishes from the Bahria Town Design Studio is mandatory. The Design Studio has imposed restrictions on certain actions in order to maintain the aesthetic appeal of the housing scheme. These actions include the use of fiberglass shade in front and side setbacks, the visibility of outdoor units for geysers and air conditioners from front and sides, and the erection of fences outside the house and the greenbelt. BTK imposes fine on those who violate these exterior design guidelines.

Additionally, there are charges for obtaining a revised drawing.

The Most Important Construction Regulations in Bahria Town

  • Bahria Town Karachi has established specific guidelines for construction. These guidelines require property owners to strictly adhere to approved elevations, including boundary walls, gate designs, finishing materials, and aluminum or UPVC window frames. Buildings must be 30 feet tall, floor finishes must be 2 feet above road level, and porch levels must be 8 inches. The minimum porch length is 12 feet, with an area size that cannot exceed 380 sq ft. Property owners are prohibited from constructing a mumty, which is a small structure that provides a roof over the staircase.

  • 4ft x 4ft deep manual trench excavation is required on the front side as well as if any adjacent house is already built.

Underground Water Tank:

Plot Size Tank Size
125 Sq. yard 6ft x 4ft x4ft
272 Sq. yard 7ft x 5ft x 6ft
500 Sq. yard 8ft x 5ft x 6ft
1000/2000 Sq. yard 8ft x 5ft x 7ft

Overhead Water Tank:

Plot Size Tank Size
125 Sq. yard 5ft x 4ft x 4ft
272 Sq. yard 6ft x 5ft x 4ft
500 Sq. yard 7ft x 5ft x 4ft
1000/2000 Sq. yard 7ft x 6ft x 4ft

Covered Areas:

Plot Size Area %
125 Sq. yard 70%
272 Sq. yard 65%
500/1000/2000 Sq. yard 50%
  • You must ensure that the boundary is constructed up to the DPC (damp proof course) level. The plinth level has to get it checked by Bahria Inspectors before the construction process starts for the superstructure.
  • Property owners are also required not to connect the stormwater drain to the Bahria Town sewage system.
  • Once the plaster work is complete, you must speak with the color consultant at the Bahria Town Design Wing about external finishes. Builders and property owners are responsible for ensuring that the quality of concrete and other building materials meet the established standards because Bahria Town has no approved contractors.
  • As a homeowner, you must understand that you and your selected contractor is liable for any damage to neighboring homes during your house construction. It is also essential to get the inspection approved by the appointed BTK site inspectors after completing each stage to ensure a hassle-free issuance of a Completion Certificate. BTK has transformed its process from paper base to portal base. As a house owner or your appointed contractor has the responsibility to check that each inspected stage has been approved in the system.
  • Only plots larger than 500 sq yard is allowed to have a basement. In some cases, for plots 272 sq yard which may be depression, the owner can get an exception for a basement, however, it is BTK’s decision to approve or reject such a request.
  • Erecting fences outside the house or in the green belt is not allowed, BTK imposes a fine if noted.
  • Geyser and air conditioning units visible from the outside are not allowed as well.

Above, we have listed some construction by-laws in Bahria Town Karachi that ensure the orderly development of the housing scheme.

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